Property Research website screens - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hennepin County Property Information

Want to know something about your neighbors? Check the percentage of rental or owner occupancy in an area? You can find a map of any address on the Hennepin County website, and then check each surrounding address for the owner's address and other information.

Accuracy not guaranteed, as recording of sales is often delayed and some landlords simply get their mail at the property address.

Here’s how to search:, click on “Property information search” in the list of online searches in the middle of the page.

Choose “property address” and put the house number and street name in separate boxes. Press search.

For streets that appear in multiple areas/towns, you may have to choose between two or more addresses.

When the right results come up, click on “view map of property.” This will show a blank schematic of your block with your property highlighted.

To see aerial views (helpful for figuring out where garages are, and neighborhood features like schools and parks) click the upper right icon that looks like a stack of papers; then click “aerial.”

To jump to another parcel, click on the parcel. Its ownership info will appear at the left side of your screen.