Restaurant Glasses, Northeast Minneapolis  - Photo copyright © Margo Ashmore

About Margo Ashmore

Margo Ashmore is:

"One of Editor & Publisher Magazine’s 2022 “25 over 50" with strong work ethic, transformational mindset … and ability to lead during challenging times.,239459?newsletter=239464

"Admired Twin Cities community innovator and connector."
— University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts Alumni of Distinction award 2018.

"A community builder and a community institution in the truest sense. Her enduring commitment to news has created an atmosphere of trust and connection."
— Kenzie O’Keefe, Head of Mobilization and Narrative Strategies for Pillsbury United Communities, which publishes North News, the newspaper I founded, sold in its 25th year.

"Margo understands real estate, arts, city politics and community development, and puts people together who should know each other, whether in the same field or across disciplines. She knows no silos. A great mentor and role model."
— Elyse Jensen, Azure Wealth Management.