Make Change That Makes Sense

Whether you're looking to change your community, change your residence or
change people's minds, Margo Ashmore is your Agent of Change.

Current Projects:
Northeaster newspaper
Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour

Real Estate:
“If you’re landing here on a real estate referral from one of my past clients or contacts, note: I keep up my real estate license, continuing education and Northstar MLS access, but am not currently practicing in the standard sense. Let’s talk, in order to select an agent to meet your needs (I know several and have referral arrangements). This is at no cost to you and should help you have a smooth first meeting — I would like to do this out of respect to both the person who referred you, and the agent I will refer you to.”

New Projects:
Particularly in the last half of the year, Margo Ashmore is available for reporting/writing and photo assignments, and short-term consulting projects.

Testimonials—here’s what they’re saying about Margo Ashmore on LinkedIn:

Loren Schirber, Owner at Natural Built Home:

”Margo does an excellent job of managing the home tour and is always dependable and on schedule. The home tour is a huge event that requires a massive amount of coordination and Margo is always on top of every detail.”

Heidi Andermack, Boss Lady at Chowgirls Killer Catering:

”Margo is a fantastic networker. She’s very thorough and thoughtful in her approach and thrives on tackling any challenge that comes her way.”

Ann M., Seller and Buyer:

“I appreciated her patience, candor, and total lack of false urgency. She did her research and was always totally prepared to answer my questions.”